Monday, April 02, 2007

Jesus is on the air, doing good.

I love radio. Any of you that would be with me during a week day would know I love radio. I listen to talk radio five or six hours a day when I am on a construction site. Sometimes I even call in to make a comment or ask a question. On the weekends, if I am travelling around the Triangle, I listen to NPR. NPR has pretty good programing with provocative themes, NPR's worldview is left of mine, but I enjoy listening to a different voice. If I am not busy on Sunday evenings, I will be listening to a local bluegrass show. I love acoustic music; the guitar, the fiddle, the dobro, the banjo and vocals all mixing to form a sound and feeling that is old, happy, and dark all at once.

I like talk radio, for that reason, I know I would always tune in to hear Jesus.

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