Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Matthew 25:31-46

I have been studying and teaching through the book of Matthew at church. This past Sunday, I skipped ahead a wee-bit to this passage. Lately, hunger has been an issue I have been thinking about and praying over. The real problem as I see it, is christians have spent years thinking about and praying over this issue. I don't know how much we have accomplished. Here are a few stats from N.C.

  • The population of NC is a little over 8 million.
  • Each day over 1 million N.C. citizens have "low food security". Low Food Security is a new term for HUNGRY.
  • Of the one million, 81thousand of them are children in the Triangle. They are dependent on the school lunch program for one meal. That meal consists of institutional-pre-packaged-school-cafeteria-foods. On weekends, holidays and summer breaks, what do those children do?
No child in this nation should ever go hungry. No child in a state where agriculture is still king should go hungry. It matters not why they are hungry. It does not matter if they are rich, poor, educated or illiterate, red, yellow, black or white. If they are hungry it is OBSCENE!!
Matthew 25:31-46 is clear on this, the righteous ones were feeding and clothing and visiting and caring.


  1. Jimmy,
    Those kids that are fed school lunches, which I'll admit are pretty bad, are very often fed breakfast there as well. In fact, many of my son's classmates have breakfast at school. So, during the school calendar they're getting 2 meals a day, regardless of how mediocre they might be. But during the non-school calendar, I'm clueless as to what's happening to many of those kids. I love the passage you chose, although it nails me in some regard or other too. In order to convince others of the plight of the hungry, we have to come at it from a theological viewpoint, then let God do the convincing through the Holy Spirit. Sometimes HE takes longer to do so than we think we can. Growing takes patience, whether it's food or people in Christ's likeness. I, for one, am not a very patient man.
    Blessings bro-Tom

  2. Right there with ya is obscene! Wish I had a workable solution for our little pocket of the world...