Thursday, April 26, 2007


According to the N.C. Department of Agriculture, the ag industry in N.C. benefits the state with total income of $68,000,000,000. The ag industry represents 20% of the state income and provides over 17% of the employment.

With those kinds of numbers, agriculture should be a top priority for the General Assembly. Instead the "leaders" in Raleigh have given hundreds of millions of dollars in tax incentives to companies such as Dell Computers and Google. These companies will come to N.C., suck up the tax breaks and bail at the first sign of shrinking profits.

Meanwhile, the small to medium farmer in N.C. will attempt to hold on to family land, turn a profit and even transition his farm to a new food crop, if he can borrow the money to keep going. If he should die, his family will face huge federal and state taxes. Many will find it necessary to sell the farm to pay theses taxes. The land will be sold into private hands, much of that land that borders metro areas will never be used for producing food again. Some of the land will be logged and then houses or commercial construction will move in.

Things must change!! Farmers should farm!! N.C. should continue to lead the nation in agriculture production, not development. The N.C. General Assembly and the Governor should top playing kissy-face with big name comapnies by handing out money, and start loving on the N.C. Agriculture Community by helping them flourish. If they want to know how to help, ask a farmer who is attempting to make a living this spring and summer.

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