Wednesday, March 28, 2007

God loves cars too...

The last few weeks TCS has experienced a rash of new vehicles. First the Bullock crowd bought a new Chevy. They had been driving the same old van for at least seven or eight years. They needed something to pull the pop-up camper around the Old North State. The story of God's grace and mercy in helping them is great, read it here at Still Crazy.
You will enjoy the story, and hopefully you'll grab on to the fact the God's love is shown best in the small things. It will also let you see, that there are good folks in the car business. God's goodness is all around if you look.

Now, Larry REALLY needed a new auto. His '97 Ford had over 310k miles.(you may not like FMC, but Larry's Escort was a keeper) It was being held together by prayer and a BIG dose of Matt's mechanic skills, with 310k miles, the repairs were becoming BIGGER and
BIGGER. To the point, where it was costing more to keep a '97 Escort with 310k miles on the road than was wise. At the same time, Larry is working his way out of a financial past that has had a few bumps along the way. Truly, a miracle was needed for Larry to buy a used car, much less a new one. This past Sunday, he drove up in a brand new 2007 vehicle. When he told me the financial dealing, I was stunned. God has been working in the economy to cause an over abundance of stock. These autos needed to be moved. Larry just happened to be in need and at geography at the same moment. Basically, he is driving a NEW car for about what a good used car would have cost him. No, really, he was able to get a pretty good interest rate. Even with paying a little longer for new versus used, he is coming up very good.

The last story came up I-85 600 miles. My brother in Marietta GA, just took a new job. To celebrate he bought himself a little sports car, a 350Z to be exact. I am sure the roads around the Atlanta Metro area will never be the same with my big brother letting his eight year old boy inside, out for a while. I am glad for him!!

You may be a skeptic? Great!

You may not believe God cares about cars and such in our lives. O.K. by me!

I will not force you on the bus of faith and trust, you want to walk, have at it!!

You want all you have and need to be resting on your wisdom? Go for it!

You want to be self made? Craft away!

I choose simple faith and trust in a BIG and loving God.

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