Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Reading List 2007

I love books! I love having them around me. I love having several in mid-read at my bedside. My family and I can spend hours in a library, and a trip to Barnes&Noble could easily send us into bankruptcy. I love my shelves full of books. The greatest gifts I have been given are books, or things to make me comfy while reading books. Many would love vacations involving extreme sports, my extreme sport would be; a lounge chair, an empty beach, a cool drink and a stack of books.

There are times when I purchase a book and sit it on a shelf for a later read. Later, will be a few weeks, a few months and in rare cases a few years. For some reason that happened with the book I just finished. I purchased it around 2002-2003 and set in a bookcase. Last week, I passed my case and the book begged me to pick it up. I did and I enjoyed the journey with the author. It was a book about books and authors. It was a story of many authors and how their words and lives had influenced the journalist who authored the book that gathered dust on my self for three years.

After closing the pages, I knew I had part of a reading list for 2007. Here are a few authors I will visit with in 2007.
  • G. K. Chesterton
  • Dr. Robert Coles
  • John Donne
  • Annie Dillard
  • Frederick Buechner
  • Henri Nouwen
I know all these names, but I plan to read and listen slowly, carefully and prayerfully, expectant that God's life will accompany me along the way.

I will add many more authors and books along the way, come with me in 2007.

What is your reading list for 2007 and who was the author and book I just finished?

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