Saturday, December 16, 2006


The last few nights have been clear and dark here in rural N.C. We live approx 50mins due north of Raleigh, so the city lights fade away. It is not uncommon for us to see many things moving in the sky. Airliners going to and from from RDU. Military aircraft use Granville County airspace for training. We also see many shooting stars, fireballs and an exploding meteor every now and then.
At this moment the ISS(International Space Station is visible here in the South East just after sunset. Last night it made a pass, but we were in the big city. Tonight we set of schedule to peer up at the sky at around 5:45pm. We were not disappointed. At 5:52pm Katy sighted the ISS making its pass. It entered the horizon from the SE and travelled NE at about 25degrees above the horizon. It will make an appearance the next few nights. If you are interested, check out this sight: SkyWatch at NASA.

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