Friday, November 24, 2006

I am Thankful for...

  • Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • The joy and laughter of children.
  • The Southern Livestock Center...even for the curmudgeonly owner Bob D.
  • I am found and not lost...yes, it is christianese, but it works.
  • The book of all books...whatever version, in any of them you can hear the wind of the Spirit if you will listen. My favorites are, NIV, the Message, NKJV, Living, in that order.
  • Holiday pie for breakfast, with fresh cream.
  • The huge christian family of authors and speakers and thinkers, they help me hear God's voice more clearly.
  • The bloggers; the christians, the non-christians, the pagans, the anti-christs. They make me laugh, cry, spit, chew, curse, bless and always think and then learn.
  • The hope of tommorrow, the faith to get up one more day, the yearning to see the future.

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