Friday, July 21, 2006

Parents don't matter

Does the "state" have the constitutional authority to force parents in using health care the "state" thinks is better for a child?

Here is one answer.

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  1. I believe the "State" does. It happens fairly often with parents that want to "trust in God" rather than give their child insulin. Of course, those cases are usually where the parents are being tried for manslaughter.

    The Mexican treatment is worthless, but the proper medical treatment offers the child some hope. This is child abuse, and in cases of child abuse, the "State" should intervene.

    God gave us physicians and nurses and even paramedics to treat many illnesses. Ok, so maybe I'm biased: my time spent as a paramedic was also a ministry, and I tried to treat every person I saw as if I were treating Jesus Himself.

    I feel sorry for the child.

    Rob of UnSpace