Thursday, July 27, 2006

My ministry

If I had to give you a description of what I really feel I am here to do, this article will help. Now, by this I do not mean I am starting the Evangelical Taverns for Christ. I truly believe you could reach bar tenders and whiskey swillers by the ton. ETC would be effective, but I would finally be burned at the stake, not by our “little group” mind you. The “rest” of the church would have a field day. My SBC brothers would beat me about the head with their KJV bibles. My last words would be, "Sola Scriptura!". My pentecostal brothers would attempt to cast the devil out. My Methodist or Presbyterian brothers and sisters would think it very low. I would still be shouting,"Sola Scriptura!".

If I could by my life, my teaching and writing convince the true Christians of Granville County/NC/USA to arise and live Jesus in our communities; we would experience true and lasting revival. Our job, as it were, in the Kingdom is to spread the good news of Jesus. This does not necessitate having scores of folks pray “A” prayer. It does not mean to build great idols to our success. It does, however, include a realization that when the real Jesus is shared with folks, He does change lives. If they show up at TCS, great, but if not, they will be filled with Jesus and then they are His responsibility. Well, not just His, they would need to understand what it means to live a missional life and support in some way the missionaries around them. If every true believer would financially support the missionaries around them then those missionaries would have resources to live on and reach into a community.

Katy’s new tool for sharing Jesus is awesome, but you need folks to share with. I have always been one who feels that if you get the attention of someone, you then have the opportunity to plant a seed, but first you most get the field to stand still. How can we get the unchurched to stop the field long enough to plant the seed? What TCS did almost three years ago with the month of no services was the closest we ever came to being an effective missional organization. That said, it was also a time when I heard more bitchin and moanin from many…especially the ones who were writing checks at the time. Why? Because Christians had to get off their sorry asses and do something instead of enjoy the A/C, music, preaching, fellowship, and their normal sundaymorningroutine. THE COFFEE AND DONUTS WERE NOT FOR THEM!! Instead it was for some person who drove by to have a car washed, who took a bottle of water, who ate breakfast as a law enforcement officer, who drove his old-lonely-self-in-his-old-lonely-car to a picnic to experience community and life. But alas, some thought the month wasted, but none of them saw the seed we planted. They decided to allow self-centeredness and pettiness to rule their minds. When grown to full size those dark things became deception/division/doubt/gossip and all manner of darkness. The seed planted were left dormant and through neglect and lack of rain the seed rotted in the ground.

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  1. There's no need to start a tavern since they are everywhere--unless you live in a tavern poor area! :)

    But seriously, more conversation about religion can take place over a beer than people realize. The tavern is still one place left in our society where frank talk and healthy debate can take place--a perfect environment for the gospel.