Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Twist of Faith by John Donnelly

John Donnelly has been a reporter for more than thirty years. For ten years he was a reporter for The Boston Globe throughout Africa. During his travels he continued to meet ordinary USAmericans doing independent relief work all over Africa. A Twist of Faith is the story of one of these ordinary citizens doing good work in Africa.

John Donnelly meets David Nixon in Malawi. Nixon is a carpenter from N.C. working with Malawian communities to care for the children orphaned by AIDS as it kills parents by the hundreds each month.
Nixon had a tough childhood filled with abuse and neglect, as an adult he battled addiction and loss finally having a spiritual awakening that renews faith and hope. Nixon hears about the dire need for help in Africa and travels there. During his first trip Nixon finds a new purpose; helping the people of Malawi.

With the crisp clipped style of a newspaper reporter John Donnelly does not spend ink on sentimental manipulations or emotional literary techniques. He simple tells the story of what he sees and learns from his years in Africa and relationship with David Nixon. You will follow the joys, failure, heartbreak and successes as Nixon goes from curious Christian on a short term mission trip to crusader in building a school and feeding center to care for over 350 Malawian children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.

Chapter One alone is worth the read as Donnelly lays out the facts, figures and history of the tens of thousands of USAmerican people of faith working all over the African Continent. The rest of the book well intrigue to follow the story of a common man from the hills of N.C. This book is one you'll want to read and pass on to others.


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Great job on this review. Really well written! I need to check this book out!

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