Wednesday, August 31, 2011


N.C. GOP leaders push to have marriage defined.

I consider myself a political conservative & have voted Republican 96% since I registered to vote in 1982. I have voted for a democrat when I considered that person to be the best qualified. I am also a Christian, a follower of Jesus and my faith is dear to me and the defining guide of my daily life. I am also a citizen of The U.S. and the great state of N.C.

Sometimes I find my faith and citizenship to be in conflict. I am a citizen of this nation and a follower of a Jewish Rabbi from the 1st century. When this conflict happens I must always look to love and care for my fellow secular citizens and neighbors just as much as those inside my faith. With that in mind I have chosen a more secular view on the gay/lesbian marriage debate.

I believe in LIBERTY, FREEDOM, PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY, the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and that the Declaration of Independence & The U.S. Constitution are the sacred documents of our nation. If your life or lifestyle does not cause me, my family or my neighbors harm I believe you should be left alone by the law and any moral code someone else has chosen. I will not use my rights or moral code to restrict your freedom if you will give me the same courtesy. If a married lesbian or gay couple becomes my neighbor they would in no way harm me or my moral code. They would also not harm my marriage or your marriage for that matter. As a matter of fact and biblical teaching, I truly beleive I should invite them over for dinner and love/protect them like any other neighbor. On this issue I beleive my NC GOP leaders are violating the very code of liberty and freedom they say they hold so dear. LIFE, LIBERY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS should also include my gay and lesbian neighbors.


  1. I'm so proud to have an uncle like you! I cannot begin to express how much you standing up like this means to me! I have many gay & lesbian friends and I too am a follower of Jesus! I have often been afraid to speak about it like this, but seeing your courage gives me new faith that others will choose to love instead of judge! Go Jimmy!!!! I agree with you! I think Christ asks us to love our neighbors, not condemn and judge and scare them away!!!!

  2. I, too, am proud of you for taking this stand. As you know, this issue is deeply personal to me--as a gay man whose partner is currently out of the US because DOMA won't let me sponsor him for Immigration, even though this December will be our 12th anniversary. Thanks again for your love throughout the years and for your commitment to integrity.

  3. You should be very proud of yourself. I think you are absolutely right, and as someone in a situation similar to Ed, I personally am affected and very thankful for people like you. I am especially thankful when people of faith are willing to be vocal and remind others that Jesus would love thy neighbor and not be interested in restricting their ability and access to happiness and liberty. Thank you again.

  4. I am very glad you live in NC. Well spoken, and right on the money, as far as I'm concerned.