Friday, August 20, 2010

My friend David the street preacher. His laptop was stolen.

This is my friend David Smith. For more than 40 years he has devoted himself to helping people. Actually, he has devoted himself to helping people connect themselves to their Creator. Now, they may not know they have a Creator, they may not know they need a Creator but with love and patience David tells the story of The Creator & His Son Jesus. Through the years David pointed countless folks to their Creator, their friend Jesus & the mysteries of the ancient book the Bible.

He is now on a new adventure. David spends his days walking the streets of Durham, NC & meeting the homeless, the hapless and the hopeless. Over the past several weeks he has met many people who live on the streets. They are there by bad decisions, twist of fate or choice. Regardless, David tells them their Creator cares about them, does not hold the past against them and would love for them to have an eternal-radical-life-changing experience with Jesus the Christ.

Wednesdays are becoming special in Downtown Durham. David has a group of volunteers who make lunch for 30+ folks. They meet in a park, have lunch, sing a few songs and David takes a few moments to explain a verse or two of scripture to all who will listen.

The folks on the streets of Durham have interesting and compelling stories. Over the past few weeks David has taken pictures of many of the people he has met. Each day he posts a picture or two and re-tells the stories of the adventures he has had and people he has met.

This past week he was downloading pictures on his laptop and planning to post his next story. He walked out of a local eatery and forgot his laptop. He remembered as soon as he drove away and returned to the restaurant to retrieve his laptop. It was gone, along with the pictures and the stories.

David would never ask for help. He is a man of deep faith and trust in his Creator. Even this morning he was out trying to figure out how to replace this important and valuable tool in todays culture.

David needs a laptop and I want to hear the stories of the folks he is helping in Durham. He is much more humble than I so I will ask for him. Help replace David's laptop. If 20 folks will send $50 a $1000.00 will come close to replacing his machine. Any amount will help but, I like easy round numbers ;^) All funds will be used for the laptop and any leftover will be used to feed all who come on Wednesdays at lunch. It will be simple...write a check to my church The Carpenter's Shop or use our PayPal account and we will make sure David gets the laptop he needs and a sandwich or two for hungry folks on the streets of Durham.


The Carpenter's Shop
6135 Huntsboro Rd
Oxford, NC



David in a park in Durham telling folks about Jesus the Christ.

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