Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chicken/Sausage/Red Bean Gumbo

My friend Joey Niquiporo is a real live Louisiana boy. He lives in Baton Rogue & has a fishing/hunting camp SW of New Orleans out in the "swamp"/wetlands that lead to the Gulf. He knows how to cook the local faire. He just sent me his Chicken/Sausage/Red Bean Gumbo recipe. In the midst of this snowpocalypse I cannot think of anything that would taste better on a cold snowy day, just make sure you add a bit of crushed red pepper.

1 cup flourcooking oil of your choice
2 large yellow onions
2 green bell peppers
1 tablespoon of minced garlic
1 bunch of green onions
16 oz can of already cooked red beans
about 1 pound of deboned, skinless thigh chicken meat
1 pound of smoked sausage
6 quart pot

Chop all your veggies into small pieces.cut up chicken ~bite size pieces put one cup of white flour in a small sauce pan and add just enough cooking oil to make it pasty. Start with the heat a little high and stir often. You will will be simmering the flower to make a roux (roo). When you first start you do not need to stir too often because you want it to begin to brown. The darker it gets the more you may want to stir and/or reduce heat. You want it brown as peanut butter but make sure you do not burn it. Another way is to put it in a microwave safe bowl and cook for a minute or so at a time then stir until it is dark. Remember DO NOT BURN IT.

Set the roux aside and brown your chicken. If you bought leg quarters, you can boil them then debone them. Save the chicken stock to add back as water. Once your chicken is cooked (browned or boiled) add sausage and veggies. Cook down until all veggies are tender. Once tender add roux, water or chicken stock and bring to a nice slow rolling boil for about 30 minutes. You want enough water to more than cover the ingredients... it is after all Gumbo! At this time you will want to season the water to your taste. We use Tony's seasoning here. Salt, Pepper, some kind of "season all", gumbo file' if you can find it on the shelf and/or anything else you think it needs. Gumbo is a personal dish. Make it fit your taste. Once the seasoning is right, add one can of already cooked red beans. Cook for about another 30 mins or so and serve over rice

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