Sunday, March 01, 2009

He ain't heavy....

Civil Engineer turned "professional" tile setter.

When this adventure began for me the week of Christmas 2008, I had no idea the profound impact NOLA Rebuild would have on the relationship with my older brother Louis.
Louis is 11 years older then I and though we are brothers, he was up and out to college by the time I was six or seven. He has always been part of my life in a positive way, but almost a generation apart, our uninterrupted time together has been a day or so here a day or so there.

Louis and I were here in NOLA for two weeks straight working together each day, eating together each meal and spending many hours talking about life, family, faith, work, dreams and all we were learning and seeing here in NOLA. We both now carry a burning passion and maybe even a calling to see homes, lives, communities and neighborhoods rebuilt here in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes.

More than once during our time together I would find myself saying, "You do...?!", to some thing he was saying or feeling.

Working side by side and shoulder to shoulder for two weeks brought me to a conclusion regarding my older brother. He is one great man! Not because he is perfect, but because he is committed to taking big steps of faith and trust to help the people of NOLA who are in need. Everyone should have a big brother like that.

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