Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday catch up II

Thane after installing his first interior split jamb door unit.

Thane Sweet from Orcas Island, WA joined me on Thursday afternoon. Thane is tall, that is the first thing I noticed as I picked him up on the airport arrivals curb. he also has a great smile and it has been great getting to know him and showing him the city of New Orleans. I drove him through the 7th Ward and took him to the three projects we are working on. I introduced him to several homeowners and then I toured him through some of the worst areas in the 9th Ward. he has quickly become a valued member of Team Woodshavings.

On Friday Thane and I continued the work for Larry & Yolanda Searls. We hung or final two split-jamb-hinged doors and re-plumbed the kitchen sink waste to accommodate the dishwasher drain. With help from an electrical team from FL is dishwasher is now working and Yolanda has a new kitchen counter top and under counter dishwasher functioning properly.

For lunch we were invited to 1914 Law St. and the celebration of a completed home. Forward Edge completed the home of Debra Pleasants, the niece of Mrs. Phillip. The house was full of volunteers from NC,WA,MT,AK,AL,GA,FL and Canada along with family members. Thane was greeted with typical love and laughter as the food was dished up in heaping plates.

We returned to Touro St for a few more hours and drove to several neighborhoods for Thane to see and learn about the destruction and rebuild of the city.

While in the Lower 9th Ward we drove through a mostly deserted neighborhood. As we drove down the streets we passed hundreds of foundations and concrete front porches. Street after street the view is the same...emptiness. Thousands of families lived here, now only weeds and rats flourish. This city and community are broken and only time and God's grace can bring restoration.

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