Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Many hands do make the work light...

35 volunteers can do much work.
Thane Sweet working hard rebuilding NOLA.
Thane and I were up and out early as another volunteer team was going by the house on Law St to work on the electrical system. We helped them get by started on a plan and then moved on to Pauger St. Mennonite Disaster Services was there and we walked through the house making note of the framing that needed to be complete before they insulate and then hang and finish sheetrock.

We then went to a new house being built in the Lower 9th Ward. The Hope Center and Elijah Christian Ministries in building a new home for the Vincents. The Vincents had lived here for over fifty years and they decided to demolish the house after the storm and build back new. That would have been fine if the contractor had not taken $4ok from them and disappeared. Elijah Christian Ministries and The Hope Center have come up with a grant they feel will allow them to replace the home. The construction manager and lead educator/instructor Cory Roberts has become a friend on the past month, so I wanted Thane to see and hear other christian organizations working to rebuild NOLA.
Cory Roberts teaching students to build.
Bethany the veterinarian/official Woodshavings nailer.

Cory also had 35 student volunteers from Boston coming to help for the week. I decided to give him a hand with training and helping these energetic students build this house. Thane and I gave 5 hours to The Hope Center and Elijah Christian Ministries and had a blast in the beautiful gulf coast weather of Monday.
Students from Boston learning frame carpentry.

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