Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday catch up...

Clarisse and Babe out for a walk on a sunny warm NOLA morning.

As we drove into the neighborhood today I saw a friend from my trip in Dec-Jan to NOLA. My first blog post regrading the idea of coming back can be read here. In that post I wrote a bit about Clarisse and Babe's Katrina story. As we were parking at 1914 Law St I saw them out for a morning walk. It was good to see an "old" friend and connect once again. Since the first week of January the finishing of walls has moved her house closer to completion. I pray Clarisse and Babe will soon be in their home once again.

On Friday after The Sisters, a.k.a. Mrs.Phenix & Mrs.Phillip fed us another great meal for lunch, Louis and I decided we would you see a "new" neighborhood well on its way to forming a new and vibrant community in the 9th Ward. We drove through Musician's Village and we were very excited to see the wonderful work that NOLA Habitat for Humanity is doing here in NOLA. The brainchild of NOLA natives Harry Connick Jr and Branford Marsalis, the community will be a great place to live and the music will be awesome.

Louis and I planned on working 1/2 a day, but the weather was so nice today we ended up moving six hours closer to completing Mrs. Phillip's house. Midday, I called another friend from NOLA and what do you know, my friend Percy Kennedy came by for a visit. Percy also makes an appearance in my first blog post about coming back for 30 days. Here I am! We are getting dressed now to go into NOLA and meet Percy for a native walking tour of his city.

Pray for us as we continue to work to rebuild the homes of Mrs. Holloway and Mrs. Phillip. The days are long and the body can grow weary. We are also away for family and have put our jobs/businesses/careers on hold for this time. We believe this to be a work of God and would appreciate hearing from you. If you would like to contribute to our expenses, we are never to shy to ask and receive. So if I may be so bold, "When can I expect the check?" For those who have given, all I can say is, "WOW!" and "Thank You!"

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