Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Adventure begins

After two days of driving my brother Louis and I are finally here in NOLA. On Saturday I was up early and loaded the truck, kissed Shelley and Joy and started the drive to Marietta, GA. 409 miles later I pulled into my brother's driveway and the two of us caught up on the last few weeks of life in NC/GA. It was a great evening of being with the whole GA Chalmers Clan and I went to bed fairly early.

Sunday morning Louis taught his Sunday school class before we left. I met many of his faith community at Piedmont Baptist Church and yes, asked more than one for a check:) We asked most for their prayers as we both leave our families, churches, communities and work/business responsibilities to "live" in New Orleans and help hurting people rebuild their homes.

My view most of the time traveling the 890 miles to NOLA. The little black roadster in front of me is my brother as we drive to NOLA. The little kitty figurine was placed there by my daughter Joy when the truck was still owned by my father. I will leave it there, it reminds me our her and my family on a daily basis.

My "home" for the next 30 days. It is clean and comfortable. It is even quiet and a great place to read and "relax". This the same room I occupied when I was here the last week of December 2008.
The kitchen crew is up early this morning making breakfast. The problem is, that the crew is seven people and they are cooking this morning for Louis and me. A work crew of nine should be in this afternoon. Pray for us as we plan our work for the month. Pray that we will be safe and a blessing to all we meet. Pray that our families are well and strong while we are gone. Pray for more of God's kids to come and help. Pray that God will take care of the responsibilities Louis and I have so recklessly left behind.

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