Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More little buzzers...

My assistant/associate/friend Kevin is holding a cage full of bees removed from the ceiling. He is holding about eight lbs of honey bees. How did the bees get in the cage? Bee removal secret.
This is honey comb in its natural state. The bees tend to draw comb about this long and this deep. In a wall it can look more like sheets of comb flowing down the wall. In the hollow of a tree, it can take on a more rounded shape.

This is a ceiling cavity after we have removed the bees and the comb. It is almost the same size as a man made wooden bee hive. The outside edge extends out into the soffit or roof edge of the building. We scrape away all the wax and paint the interior to cover the smell of bees wax. The cavity is then filled with insulation. Later, we will work on the outside trim board to discourage bees coming inside in the future.


  1. ...they call him..." The Bee Whisperer"....

    so, if you have any left over wax .......

  2. I'll be glad to assist. I'll be melting and cleaning wax in a week or so.

  3. Haha! Love the picture of Kevin!