Sunday, September 07, 2008

Art is everywhere....

In sixth grade I won an art contest. It was sponsored by the Durham, NC Arts Council.
It was a themed contest. The theme was simple...Art is Everywhere. Even as a young man I looked at the world around me through the imagination of one who loves to create. My notebooks from school were covered in tiny pieces of art, sketches, doodles and creative lettering were everywhere.

I entered the contest and looked to maximize the theme. I grabbed a cereal box, a piece of clay glazed cardboard, some colored markers and went to work. After several afternoons I had re-created a colored graphic of the cereal box, because art is everywhere. From boxes in the grocery store to fine art on display we are surrounded by the beauty of artistic creation.

With the eye of an artist I wanted to make sure my kids had the ability to see the world through artistic eyes. My oldest says that I help them grow up with an "artistic mindset". We would stop when I saw something interesting and have the girls look at it carefully. Clouds, animals, people, nature, buildings, objects were all mini lessons in creativity. We would look at the colors, the light, the shadows, the lines of objects. We would attend art exhibits and museums to look at the work of other artists. we always would have tons of paint, crayons, markers, paper and clay around the house. Even today, out home is full of artistic supplies. Sketch books are laying around almost every room in our home. Each filled with experimental drawings, small sketches and many completed works of art. We are constantly fighting over the use of the colored pencils or box of Sharpies. We may draw or paint on anything and see art anywhere.

We see human skin as a canvas, and though none of us possess a tattoo, we love the art created by those artists. The "foot art" above was created by my daughter with Sharpies.

We love art

We see art everywhere.

We breathe deep the creative power of our God.

Grab a bag of Sharpies and a sketch book and join us.

All the art at the top of the post was created by my daughters. The two doodles below the post were created by me. My oldest daughter created the earrings out of sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals.

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