Sunday, August 03, 2008

Do kids know computers better than cows?

A news paper in the UK had an interesting article last week. It seems that British children no longer can identify common plants, animals and trees. Sir David Attenborough is alarmed and feels a change needs to be made. His concern is that kids who cannot recognize things in nature may grow up to be adults who do not care about the natural world.

I agree with his assessment. Several years ago Shelley was having lunch with a cousin.
In the midst of catching up Shelley's cousin was sharing how her boy of 10 or so was growing up to be a city boy. The shocking piece of information Shelley came away with was the fact that this young man did not know where tomato's came from. He had never seen a tomato growing on a vine.

A well educated child not only will be able to identify many types of animals, but should be able to recognize the plants and trees around their world. Even better, they should get their hands dirty is the soil growing some thing beautiful and something good to eat.

Oh, and after reading the article...I do not know what a blue tit is either, I think it is a bird.

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