Friday, August 08, 2008

Melissa is Missing!

My 31 year old niece suffers from mental illness. She is in the care of my brother and sister-in-law in Marietta, GA. Earlier this week, she took my SIL's car for a drive to a local park. She never returned! My brother was able to communicate with her once via cell phone. After that conversation a local deputy in Greer, SC called my family and said he had seen her, but had no legal right to hold her. My brother Louis and SIL Nancy immediately drove to SC. Yesterday afternoon, Nancy's car was found on the side of the road outside Gaffney, SC out of gas. There was no sign of Melissa. They then contacted the local police and re-filed a missing persons report. As of this morning, there is no sign of her in the Gaffney, SC area. SHE HAS VANISHED.

Melissa is extremely fearful, paranoid, verbally aggressive and prone to creating alter egos and personalities.

Melissa is a Caucasian female with short brown hair weighing approximately 120lbs and is 5'8" feet tall.

I have contacted you all for several purpose:
  • Pray for Melissa and the Marietta, Ga Chalmers family, my parenst and related people.
  • If you are in the Greer or Gaffney SC area, please keep you eye out for her. If she is in public, she WILL eventually have a breakdown.
  • If you have any contacts in the media that may be able to help with national exposure, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you have any ideas to help get information out, that would help.

If you have any information please post in comments or call me at 919.690.0779
If press or law enforcement need information, please have them call my brother Louis at 404.861.3959

Possible Sighting:

In Evington, VA on 8/7 at around 2pm. Person was asking for ride to Washington, DC.

If you live in the I-75, I-85 corridor and you could place posters with photo and vital information, please email me. i will send you the .doc file.


  1. Jimmy, I'm sorry and will put this request out to my contacts. Has anyone contacted the Charlotte police? Doesn't look like Charlotte/Gastonia is that far from Gafney?

    We're praying for her safe return. God bless!

  2. My brother Louis, Melissa's father sent me this email early this morning. I wanted to pass the information to you.

    "We received an ATM overdraft notice from Melissa's account yesterday dated 8/7/08...we are not sure if this occured before or after she abandonded the car and can not find our from the bank until Monday AM...frustrating to have such time sensitive information and not be able to follow up

    Nancy talked yesterday with Officer Cara from Greer SC...she has offered to help in anyway she can to follow up

    You can read the most accurate article so far from the Spartanburg Herald at their web site...we received a comment from Deliah's blog yesterday expressing her prayerful concerns so the story lives as long as we pursue it...

    Continue to pray for God's mercy and grace for Melissa and the family as we wait on our Heavenly Father whose arm is not too short nor does He ever slumber...


    Continue to trust God and pray for the family.