Monday, June 09, 2008

Jesus is for Losers

Brant Hansen writes one of the best posts of 2008.

David Hayward has great thoughts on feelings and faith.

Take 45 minutes and watch this great "sermon" by Reggie McNeal

Read "The Rescue of MoonBase Asimov" and the follow-up post by Dan Edelen, both worth the read and the brain energy expended as you ponder.

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  1. I agree with Brant. It looks like there are a lot of us out there who've gotten tired of pretending we're more spiritual than we are. Now, whenever I hear a Christian rave about how God is speaking to him/her I suspect they are either lying or that they've deluded themselves. I've tried the name-it-and-claim-it approach but I was only fooling myself. Most of the time when God is doing something in my life, I'm not paying attention. I'll only see it in retrospect or if someone points it out to me. But on those occasions when I know it's Him talking and not me pretending to be the Holy Spirit, my reaction is that I'm humbled to the point of tears and I tend to keep it to myself because I can't explain the experience to anyone else.

    I too, am one of those who are poor in spirit who just wants to make Daddy proud and not ashamed to call me His child.