Friday, May 16, 2008

Iron Man, magnets, shrapnel and a red haired beauty...

I was not a kid who collected comics. I read a few, but the stories were never as interesting as the art. The past ten years movie companies have been cranking out a movie based on a comic book about every nine months. A few of the movies have been ok, but most have been only fair representations of the original art form.

I was not that familiar with the latest comic to make the big screen. Iron Man was a good friend of Captain America and beyond that I just did not know much of the character. I knew Robert Downey Jr was making his return to big time movies as the leading man, but beyond that, I did not know much about the film.

Thursday morning it was raining in Oxford as we planned the day. A client had just returned from a trip to Switzerland and needed a new bathroom. I decided to make the trip to Durham, take a look at the future bath renovation and return to the job site in Youngsville. We spent two hours looking at the bath and then drove to retrieve a tool from my father. By the time we were through with all that is was noon. The trip to Youngsville would take an hour and then we would need to purchase materials. I did the time math crunch and made an executive decision...we were going to see Iron Man the movie.

The basic story is simple. Wealthy, self absorbed, genius playboy has a traumatic experience. To save himself he must use his genius and think deeply, work hard and find courage. In the midst of all this he realizes he is a total jerk. His mind change forces a heart change that leads to his desire to right every wrong, hence, the Iron Man is born. Great story, good moral, go see the movie and just ignore the fact that two medium drinks and a medium popcorn will cost you $16.00. It may have been a "wasted" afternoon, but the flick was great and a comic book character invented in 1963 has a new fan.

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  1. Next to Batman Begins, this is one of the best super-hero movies Hollywood has put out. We'll have to wait until 2010 for the sequel. In July we can look forward to Batman - The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as the Joker. There's also the Hulk and Hancock coming out this summer and next year is full of super-hero movies. Guess we know what the screenwriters did while on strike.