Sunday, April 27, 2008

Update: Eakes, Parrish, Freeman

An update from Le on the memorials to Eakes.

More info on Josh's recovery.

A father's heart cry.

Friday night I was with a group of 80 NCGOP members. The feelings are mixed. Two WWII vets think we should continue in Iraq until the end, whatever the end would look like now. Several more voiced a need to feel safe here in USAmerica and around the world. Some are now saying we should bring the troops home.

I heard a report on Friday from a military commander. He was communicating a continued frustration...The Iraqi police and military will NOT stand up and fight to keep Arab-religious-extremists out of the country. If the Iraqis will not defend themselves, I do not believe we should leave Americans there to do the dirty job.
This war is bringing a weariness of heart and mind and spirit to each and every person who is slightly keeping up with news reports. With gas prices sky rocketing and the economy on the slow road, it will be very interesting to see how the elections plays out this summer and early fall.

Being Sunday, the day of worship for us followers of Jesus, I had to post this...

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