Friday, April 11, 2008

Coffee from a cat...

This is the civet cat or palm civet. It lives in Indonesia. It climbs into the coffee trees when the coffee is at its ripest. It eats the coffee cherries for food. As the cherries pass through its digestive system, what is left is a clump of coffee beans or kopi luwak coffee. It happens to be the most expensive and delicate coffee on the planet.

It's all the rage in the UK at the moment.

It is a great metaphor for how God works. He takes what on the outside appears to be gross, off color, strange and turns it into a delicacy. The palm civet and kopi luwak coffee are proof to me that God has a tremendous sense of humor. So, if you happen to live in Indonesia and can get enough beans to make a pot of this delicacy, how about sending some my way...we will consider it an exercise in international relations and a great cup of coffee

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