Friday, April 18, 2008

Get a load of thissssssssssssssssss....

Last night Katy and Creech came home with a great story. They were driving on a two lane rural highway between Oxford and Louisburg. They were behind a mini-van that was driving at a normal speed. Suddenly, the van began to swerve back and forth all over the road. The drivers door opened and closed several times as the van drove on both sides of the road. It pulled quickly to the shoulder and a middle aged man lept out of the van and danced around in the road talking to himself. Creech and Katy pulled over to assist the gentleman, but they were very leary of his behavior. Finally, Creech approached the man and asked if they could lend assistance. The man was in shock and afraid. The man uttered a very simple sentence, "There's a Copperhead in the van!"

Suddenly the erratic driving made sense. After further explanation, it was found out the gentleman was moving a barrel from one place to another in his van. The Copperhead had crawled out of the barrel and found himself trapped in the van. The snake began to slither around in the van to find a way of escape. The gentleman noticed the snake as it attempted to crawl into the drivers seat from the drivers door, hence the erratic and terrified man.

Creech and Katy helped the man locate the snake, with an intention of releasing the snake. That did not happen. Unfortunately, the gentleman dispatched the snake as it was crawling out of the open side door. According to Creech, it was a large Copperhead.

This story needs to be enhanced and turned into a chapter in my redneck memoirs;0

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  1. Copperheads are nothing to mess with. Being a country boy I've seen too many myself.Thank God noone was hurt.