Sunday, February 24, 2008

simply begging...

For those of you who know me, you know I have several
careers. I am a pastor/general contractor/beekeeper. The GC role feeds my family. It is difficult and scary at times, but somehow, we have never missed a meal and the bills are paid. I have a business partner Harry Polk. He is my friend. He also owns a small construction company. As sole proprietors of two small companies, Harry and I have found it advantegous to work together on many projects. We have a simple agreement, when I am the GC, he is my foreman, when he is the GC, I am his. It has worked for almost four years. We have not made a large profit, but we have managed to grow each company little by little, very slowly.

On Thursday, we were working on one of Harry's projects. We were at the end of the day and finishing a roof to avoid a coming sleet/rain storm. In the end, Harry took a serious fall. Even as he was in severe pain, he did not think of himself...he worried only about his family and their future. He was rushed to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC. After a few hours in ER, he went into surgery. He will survive! He sustained a broken left femur and two broken wrists. The leg should heal fine, the wrists are still in the air. He will return to surgery on Tuesday and then a long hospital and rehab stay.

I do not want his family to suffer a huge financial setback! His health insurance will cover all health care, but he did not carry disability or workmens comp on himself. So, I am asking for the help of ALL my friends all over the world. I believe the family of faith can work to help the Polk family in the next few months. I want to raise as much cash as I can and pass it on to Harry's wife Kristie. The construction projects will not stop, as I will step in and bring them to completion, but the monies for Harry's weekly draw will need to be spent on subcontractors to complete the work.

I am asking all my friends to send some cash my way. All donations will pass through the account of my small church and will be tax deductible. 100% of the cash will be given to the Polks for household expenses. Send any and all donations to:

The Carpenter's Shop
6135 Huntsboro Rd
Oxford, NC 27565-7546


Paypal account:

I do ask that you will pray for Harry, Kristie, Braelyn, McKenzie and Ta-Ray.
If you are in and around Durham, NC, Harry and Kristie can be found in Rm # 6105 at DUMC.



FollowUp: Shelley set up a blog regarding Harry's recovery, check it out.

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