Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh my, there goes grammy...

If you were to listen to my Ipod, you may truly think a twisted mind has conceived the music mix.
One track will give you James Taylor, the next may give you Arcade Fire. A longer listen would place a song by Peter Frampton before a gospel tune by Randy Travis. A seventies rock guitar scream could easily be followed by Pavarotti. You could hear blue grass, bagpipes and opera, all with a twist of old hymns and country favorites. Folk ballads would live beside Paul Potts and Jimmy Page would be residing close to Jerry Douglas while Lyle Lovette and Yo-Yo Ma do play well together in my Ipod. I love music! All kinds, types and genres. But, I could not be more disappointed that the Grammys were dominated by an artist who is controlled by and proud of her cocaine use. Amy Winehouse walked away with the largest share of the music awards and she and the music industry do need rehab!

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