Monday, December 10, 2007

The Church of Your Dreams IV

Two months ago I was invited to a regional hot rod show by my cousin. He owns several show cars and spends his weekends traveling the circuit here in the southeast. He and his wife hop in the RV, hook up the hauler and let everyone enjoy the beauty of their classic hot rods.

The club in this region raises money for The Duke Children's Hospital at each event. The Sunday I attended was no different. The club raised $4500.00 on a Sunday for the hospital. 500-750 folks walked around the show admiring the cars and enjoying each other and the beautiful late fall day.

From April to late September clubs like this one hold a hot rod show somewhere in this nation. The clubs are made up of young and old, male and female, different ethnic backgrounds, diverse social strata and careers as varied as the autos. $20,000.00 cars are sitting next to $200,000.00 cars and it seems each owner wants to tell you about his car. It is a great place to enjoy cool cars and the fabric of USAmerica.

The church of my dreams would own a classic hot rod and a portable cooking kitchen.
Each weekend during the show season people of faith would travel to the next show with chillers full of food to prepare and a great hot rod to "show-off".

These followers of Jesus would build authentic and deep relationships with cars buffs all over the show circuit and would generally serve this community with time and resources. The grill top on the kitchen would be full of eggs and bacon in the mornings for the show volunteers and cheese steaks, burgers and good food would fill the cars owners and families the rest of the day. If there was problem, all would know to come to the car of those Jesus People. All would find these Christiancarbuffs knowledgeable about classic cars and always full of mercy, compassion and time to listen. Why would we do this? That is simple, because on Sundays from April to late September thousands of folks are at the hot rod show and I believe that is where Jesus would hang out.

Speaking of hot rods. Do any gear heads out there know who this gentleman happens to be?


  1. Nice blog, my friend. The classic cars are nice. Maybe we can exchange links.
    God bless,

  2. Is it Carroll Shelby?

  3. Yup, it is the one and only Carrol Shelby. And cousin Jimmy, I love the idea of the dream church with the classic rod. I'm available to help drive or cook!