Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thank God for Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings. Hot coffee, silence and time to sit and read or blog or walk. As others in the house awake, the noise turns from silence to the sound of a family preparing for a journey. The dogs must be walked, fed and watered. Breakfast prepared and consumed bu the humans. One bathroom used by 6 to shower, dress and such. As the time to meet with our faith community grows closer, the noise rises in decibel level. No one there expects perfection. No one there expects a right or anointed sermon. Just a group of Jesus followers meeting to look at each other in the eye, pat each other on the back, talk about Jesus and the bible and share a meal together. In the process we hope and pray to become and live as missional Christians in a culture who needs to experience the jesus of the bible stories.

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