Monday, November 05, 2007

Thank God for Mountain Momma

It has been busy here the past four or five days. Construction is keeping me busy, with several dead lines and a weekend marathon project for a store up-fit in a local mall. With a few hugs from family and a few hours sleep it has been hectic. All is well, as we start another week with a full calender.

I am excited this week as the weekend brings me to a yearly pilgrimage. On Thursday morning I will drive to here for a bit of hiking and outdoor enjoyment. By Thursday night I will be here. Friday morning will begin a weekend of this. If all goes well, I may stick around in the mountains an extra day to absorb the beauty of creation. As I travel by car, I will most likely not take any music, audio books or radio. Last year, I traveled in silence, it was great.

Here are a few articles of interest.

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