Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Church of Your Dreams.

The second weekend of November I attended a spiritual advance in the mountains of West Virginia. Len Sweet was the host and Alan Hirsch was the conversation facilitator for the weekend. Alan has a passion for the church and a heart to live a missional life.
In the middle of talking about the missional church in the USA, Alan made a very short statement,"Build the church of your dreams", was all he said and then moved one. I have not been able to stop thinking of what he said and how that simple statement lived could infuse communities with the the radical presence of Jesus. I have been building the church of my dreams in my heart and want to share a few ideas here. Your comments and thoughts would be welcome.

Every few days I drive into Oxford. I normally travel the same path there and back. On the way I pass two small run down houses. In those two homes live two families.
I do not know the families, but I see them living their lives in these two small run down houses. In the heat of the summer you will find them sitting on the front porch, it is a bit cooler, but still, it is terribly uncomfortable here July, August and part of September. In the winter, they burn wood to stay warm. There is a privy behind the houses. It is probably not used a this time as city water and sewer were added a few years ago.

The church of my dreams would push down these old fire traps and build the families brand new energy efficient homes. Homes where they could stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The church of my dreams would do this because it is good for our community and for the two families. We would do it because it would cause joy. Joy always brings God's party down to earth and Jesus would lead the conga line.

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