Saturday, October 27, 2007

Freedom of speech,not with John Edwards

This video is causing quite a stir here in the Triangle. The UNC student is pointing out a challenge with John Edwards, his talk and his walk may not be in step.

This video
is the one that surprised me last night as I was watching the late local news. Right in the middle was Dr. Charlie Tuggle. He teaches at UNC in the television journalism department. He is a good man. This month two years ago my construction company had his home torn all to pieces. We renovated a small galley kitchen and breakfast nook by adding approx 850 sqft of addition. At the end of the project, the Tuggles had a large new kitchen, rear entrance, powder room and an awesome master suite.

Charlie and his family were great to work with and they put up with much inconvenience during the four months +. There was a six week period in which the busy family had no kitchen. They were all troppers and very patient.

Now, here he is on the other side of the camera as the interviewee. I am sure that is a switch for a gentlemen who spent 15+ years as a TV newsman in Florida.

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  1. The Edward's campaign handled this so poorly. There would barely have been a ripple if they'd been gracious about the report, offering their side of it and inviting the student/ reporter back to talk to them. Their angry reaction made them look petty, and guilty.