Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day dreaming...

I was working this week on a farm in north Granville County. It is almost in Virginia. This part of the county is moving toward the mountains of western Virginia, the land lifts and falls as it ambles its way toward higher ground. The farm is covered in hardwoods. Huge oaks, maple and hickory dominate the landscape along with beautiful ornamentals planted 20 years ago.

The farm was purchased in the early eighties by a business man looking for a haven. For more than twenty years he has patiently built and planted, molding the contours of earth and wood together. Fences are well maintained and set with a flair for space and color. Weaving across the pastures as a seam follows fabric, traveling along each fold as the pleats of a ladies skirt. The foundation on his home was laid 18 years ago and the structure was completed 18 months ago. Each piece of the house was crafted by the owner, from siding to window frames, stair treads to mouldings, flooring to cabinetry. It is clear the owner has a love for wood and stone, earth and sky.

Needless to say, the owner is a private man, not given to showiness. He is not a braggart nor a snob. He has built a place of peace and beauty. The land is peaceful, it speaks to you to come and sit-a-while. The owner is not perfect, I would not call him a peaceful soul, nor would I call him bad. He is an enigma who wraps himself in the beauty of his farm and home.

The weather the last few days has been gorgeous, The sky yesterday was a deep sky blue, the clouds puffy and white, the air warm with a cool chill on the edges, the sun not burning, but warming. A perfect day and place to day dream. I always dream BIG. Nothing small nor trite makes its way into my day dreams, only the large and out of reach. Hope is always the foundation, looking to tomorrow for what may be. It is captivating, but sometimes not useful.
God wants us to live in the now, with hope in HIM for the future. Hope, He knows the way. Hope, He has the answers. Hope, he will make the dreams come true. Hope His will is in some of those day dreams. Hope, that regardless, he cares for me.

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