Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast by Len Sweet. He was sharing his views of Wal-Mart. He does not like Wal-Mart at this moment, not because they are big and successful, but because they are ugly. They build ugly and make the communities around them ugly. Take a listen here, you'll find the podcasts of January 13 & January the 18, 2007 on the topic of Wal-Mart. The theme of beauty becomes a basis for judging what is good and true. God created beautiful things and that is proof of his love for the world.

Along the theme of beautiful things, this is a must read. USAmerican culture has lost it's appreciation for the beauty going on all around us each day. Read this article, Pearls Before Breakfast, do not be surprised if you feel uncomfortable watching the video. The power of the metaphor of the video is striking.

As you go out today, notice the beauty all around you. Do not add to the ugliness of our culture, add to the beauty of our Creator.

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