Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some pig!

Go see Charlotte's Web!!

A group from TCS met at the new Pheinox 10 at NorthGate Mall. We were there to be with each other and a CGI pig. I suggest that you pack up the kids, the grandparents and even your weird uncle Earl and go enjoy the film. The qoute from the evening came from my father, "I thought those were really smart animals", the animation is that good. If you did not know before you watched the film that the animals were CGI, you would swear they were real. The classic book is a master piece. The cartoon version is o.k. The full length feature will become a family favorite on DVD. The "big screen" viewing is worth the price of admission. Beau Bridges' character alone will tell you that Walden Media is looking to make remarkable family films.

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