Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nana's Birthday

Today is my mother's 75th birthday. She has been a wife for 57 years, a great mom, one of the most devoted grandmothers there could be and an awesome great-grandmother. She is a friend in your corner when you need her and a worthy adversary. She is a faithful friend and mischievous imp. She took me to church at four weeks old. She helped me memorize the 23rd Psalm when I was four, prayed with and for me my whole life and took me around the south to hear great men preach. She loves and serves Jesus and looks forward to heaven. She can shake a finger in the face of friend or stranger. She will preach about Jesus to a sign pole if it will stand still. She is not perfect, but she believes her children and grandchildren should be. When she walks into Heaven a crowd will welcome her. I love her all the time, but shake my head at her weekly. There will never be another created like her!! HAPPY 75th MAMA!!

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