Monday, November 27, 2006

TCS Happenings

The Carpenter's Shop has been studying through Matthew for the past few months. Matthew 19 was where we were last week. I see what Jesus said regarding marriage and divorce, but the church nor the culture looks anything like the standard set by Jesus. I must believe that the grace and love of God is greater than any broken marriage, or re-marriage for that matter.

Yesterday, we worked and talked through Matthew 19:11-12. The topic of homosexuality became the main topic. There was debate, there was disagreement, there were times when I may have been labeled a heretic. I cannot take the road my N.C. SBC brothers took a few months ago; setting the stakes and the wood piles to burn churches who support homosexuals as members and such. If so, they need to throw the gossips in the flames also. God's love MUST be bigger!! His grace MUST be greater!! If not, I am doomed in my failures!!

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