Sunday, December 12, 2004

What a week!!! That's not was just very busy.

JLC Builders took over Van & Jon's Main St. Bar & Grill on Thursday the 3rd and walked out on the 9th FINISHED. In the process we clocked well over 50 hours....that does not sound like much until you realize the working situation. There was no power in the building....we had to pull power from next door or run a generator.....neither was a great way to operate a mobile woodshop. At the same time we had to contend with all the subs in our way....electricians, plumbers, HV/AC, masons, painters and of course inspectors. I had worked with none of these before. so there was a learning curve involed. All the work was done basically in the dark....even with work lights it was no fun. But the finished product was great.....the woodwork looked awesome and compliments abounded from all who walked by and took a look.(I have always enjoyed working with the public watching, I always assume the feelings were the same with the great GC's who built the artistic buildings in NYC)

I always enjoy working for or with Jon Z. He feeds us well and we drink our fill. The conversation ALWAYS ends up around spiritual matters. Rough edged guys who realize life with out Jesus is just the pits!!

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